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Weight Loss

Weight loss is something with which millions of people struggle. As you know, your weight doesn’t just contribute to your physical appearance. Your weight and the amount of fat in your body can help or hurt your body by contributing to either a healthy physique or lead to medical issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Weight loss is not just about restricting calories, which is what most people try to do. Weight loss is really about correcting your nutrition, managing your stress, and for some, working with or around chronic diseases and medical conditions.

We offer a unique, comprehensive program to assist in your Body Composition Health Goals- The BODY Project. Melinda Howe CRNA, APRN is a Weight Loss Specialist Certified provider eager to help you meet your goals with a focus on Integrative Body Composition Wellness. HEALTHY COMPOSITION, HEALTHY YOU! Schedule your appointment to meet with us today!

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